Contractual Disputes for Individuals

Contractual Dispute Solicitors

Breach of contract claims

If a supplier of goods or services has failed to complete their side of the bargain, whether this is a contractor, retailer, professional, or otherwise, then we can pursue a claim for breach of contract on your behalf.  We specialise in all areas of contract law.

Similarly, if you are a supplier of goods or services and are being accused of a breach of contract for which you believe you are not liable, again we will be happy to consider the facts and the available evidence to quickly assess and advise you of your legal position.

It is vital to act fast before matters escalate.

Expert contract solicitors

In appropriate cases we can act on a no win no fee basis, or by use of other funding arrangements to limit your financial exposure, for instance with contingency fees or insurance backed funding.

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Mr H of Wymeswold, Leicestershire had purchased a number of cases of expensive wine as an investment from a large wine investment business in Greenwich, London. Our client had significant concerns that his investment had not purchased physical cases of wine. We pursued a claim for him for breach of contract and to establish title of ownership of all of his wine. We obtained a transfer of all of the wine to an external warehouse and payment in full of our client's legal costs.