Building & Construction Disputes

Building Disputes Solicitor

Dispute Resolution in Building Projects

If you have had a builder who left you with an unfinished project or has incompetently undertaken building work for you, we can help. Paul Davis & Co Solicitors works with homeowners and other individuals to resolve building disputes.

However, if the resulting claim is likely to be worth less than £10,000, the claim will usually be allocated to the “small claims track” in the County Court, where solicitors costs are not normally recoverable. That may make it uneconomical to instruct a solicitor.

In most situations, it is more cost-effective to resolve things with the original builder rather than bringing in a new builder. If you have a falling out with the contractor when there is 20 percent of the building left, you will probably not be able to find a new contractor to pick things up from that point and finish at 20 percent of the budget. Our building disputes solicitors works with clients to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Resolving Issues With Incompetent Builders

Many home-owners are unsure how to deal with the issues surrounding incompetent builders. When can a home-owner tell the builder that enough is enough and demand that the work is completed within a certain time? When can a new builder be employed and the extra costs claimed from the original one? We can help you address the concerns you have with your builder to make sure things stay on track.

In some situations, dishonest property owners try to cheat competent builders out of their funds by claiming the work is unsatisfactory. If you are a builder who is not being paid for a job done well, we can also help.

If things did not work out with the contractor you hired, we can help you get back on track..

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We pursued a claim for Mr M of Warwickshire relating to incompetent construction of his new green oak framed house. We succeeded in obtaining expert evidence to show that the builders had used incompetent building techniques and defective materials, and the builders’ claim for unpaid sums due under the contract was dismissed and the builders agreed to pay our client a significant sum in damages and legal costs.

We pursued a claim on behalf of Mr M of Northamptonshire against developers relating to negligent building works undertaken to a property he purchased "off plan". The claim was settled by payment to him of damages to allow him to undertake repair works, and by payment of his legal costs.

Mr G of Cambridgeshire instructed us to pursue a claim against developers relating to breach of contract by them at the time of construction of his new property, and for breach of warranty for their failure to remedy defects that had developed after purchase. We pursued a dual approach against the developers and the NHBC (who had provided a new build warranty) and succeeded in negotiating a settlement for our clients of in excess of £30,000 in damages.

Mrs N of London was being sued by her builders Celebi and Sons for what they alleged were unpaid bills relating to a residential extension. Our advice to her was that she should defend the claim, refuse to pay the builder a penny and pursue a counterclaim for what it was going to cost to remedy the builders’ defective work. We succeeded in having the court claim against our client dismissed in its entirety, and instead she was awarded damages and legal costs to be paid by the builders totalling just under £50,000.