Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

We have extensive experience of pursuing medical negligence cases, ranging from relatively small value claims to catastrophic injury claims worth millions of pounds. You can rely upon our skill and experience to properly prepare these cases and to avoid the pitfalls.

Medical accidents often cause families to suffer stress and upset, and sometimes the answers to questions are more important than compensation.

It is important to understand a poor medical outcome is not always due to negligence.  Sometimes things can remain undiagnosed, or go wrong, or not go as planned, without anyone being at fault.  There are special tests applicable to establishing fault in medical negligence cases and we can advise you about these.

However, as has been shown from a number of recent and well publicised cases and public enquiries, such as the Stafford Hospital scandal, failures to provide reasonable standards of skill and care can and do occur – often with tragic consequences for the patient and their families.

We can tell you whether you have a good case and what it is worth, and we can arrange funding, including clinical negligence no win no fee agreements.

There are strict and complicated time limits for the issue of court proceedings in such claims, which must be complied with. As these cases can take a considerable period of time to investigate, it is essential to speak to expert lawyers as soon as you become aware of the possibility of a claim.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation when we can discuss your claim and the various funding options which might be available, including no-win no-fee agreements, paying privately and the use of legal expenses insurance to fund your claim.

Learn more about the representation we provide by contacting us online or ring 01157 270 140 to arrange your initial consultation.

We pursued a claim against the local breast screening service on behalf of Mrs P relating to the failure to diagnose early stages of breast cancer. Our client's claim succeeded, and she received £120,000 in damages and all of her legal costs. We obtained expert radiology evidence and expert oncology evidence proving that our client's final prognosis would have been much improved had the radiologist properly considered the mammograms.

Mrs S of Leicester wished to pursue a claim relating to negligence at the time she was given an injection at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. She had suffered a reaction to the injection causing significant scarring. We investigated her claim, and obtained expert evidence in support. The claim was denied by the hospital. We advised our client that her claim should continue, pursued the claim further and our client received £62,000 in damages, and all of her legal costs.

We pursued a claim on behalf of Mr R of Loughborough relating to negligent lifting of him at the time he underwent a scan. As a result he sustained a broken arm. The claim was supported by expert evidence, and our client received significant damages and all of his legal costs.

Mr F of Nottingham instructed us to pursue a claim against the local Hospital Trust relating to their failure to identify a piece of wood that had been left inside a wound. The wound was stitched at accident and emergency with the wood piece left inside and our client developed an infection. His initial complaint to the hospital had been rejected. We advised him that nevertheless he had a good claim. We obtained damages on his behalf and all of our client’s legal costs.

We pursued claims on behalf of Mrs E of Loughborough relating to negligence at her local hospital in relation to both a failure to diagnose, and also negligence in allowing a foreign body to be left in a wound at the time of an operation. These were difficult technical claims, and the medical issues required extensive investigation and expert evidence. Both of the claims succeeded, and our client received £85,000 in damages and all of her legal costs.

Mr S of Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham instructed us to pursue a dental negligence claim against a dentist who had incompetently prepared crowns and veneers prior to their fitting. Our client suffered from significant pain and discomfort as a result of failure of the dental prosthetics. We obtained supportive evidence from a dental expert, and our client received £12,000 damages and all of his legal costs.