Unsafe Systems of Work

When a worker is injured whilst carrying out their job, insurers often suggest that they should have carried out the job in a different way.

They then have to be reminded that it is for the employer to devise and implement a safe system of work – not the employee.  If an employee is left to their own devices, they should not be criticised if they get it wrong.

Nor is it permissible for an employer to lay down rules and yet regularly turn a blind eye to bad and unsafe working practices.  Safe procedures have to be enforced, not just set out in a rule book

Employees undertaking repetitive and routine work are liable to lose concentration, and may sometimes cut corners and fail to take proper safety precautions.  Employers are expected to properly implement safety practices and supervise and enforce their adoption where necessary.

Risk Assessments and Training and Instruction

It is central to an employer’s duty that they must inform themselves of the risks which employees face by carrying out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of each job.  More and more emphasis has been placed upon this by the courts.

Having assessed the risks, the employer must then take steps to reduce them to the lowest level reasonably practicable.

One aspect of this is to ensure that employees are properly trained and instructed in how to undertake tasks safely.

This will involve proper training in the use of equipment, lifting techniques, etc.

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