Sports injuries

Nottingham Sports Injuries Solicitors

Very few sports are risk free, but we are all entitled to expect that the facilities, organisation and supervision provided will allow us to be reasonably safe whilst participating in sporting activities.

Unacceptable risks

The following are examples of circumstances where a claim for negligence might be brought:

– An obvious or avoidable defect is present on a court, or pitch or with equipment;
– A referee or supervisor does not make reasonable efforts to prevent a foreseeable injury. An example might be where a referee allowed a second row player to play at prop in a rugby game;
– Inadequate training or supervision – for instance by giving incompetent instructions as to how to use equipment;
– Reckless or dangerous conduct by other players – for instance obviously dangerous tackles or an assault

Free assessment

We will be able to advise in relation to all sporting accidents, wherever they occur, whether you have a claim.

No win no fee

Most claims can be funded under a no win no fee agreement backed by legal expenses insurance, so you needn’t worry about becoming liable for costs if you lose.

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