Highway slips and trips

Nottingham Highway Slip & Trip Solicitors

Injuries due to slips and trips on pavements and highways are unfortunately very common –  particularly when highway authorities are facing cash shortages and we see more and more potholes left untreated.

Highway Authorities have a statutory duty to maintain highways under the Highways Act 1961.  If they fail to do so and the highway is dangerous, they will often be liable for any resulting accidents. However, they will frequently try to rely upon their inspection system as a defence.

We have considerable experience of handling such claims and can often defeat the defences that are put forward – for example by showing that the inspections were not frequent or thorough enough, or that there had been previous accidents or complaints.

No win no fee

Most claims can be funded under a “no win no fee” agreement, supported by legal expenses insurance, so you needn’t worry about incurring expenses if the claim is unsuccessful.

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