Dog bite and animal injury claims

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The saddest aspect of many animal injury claims is that they often involve injuries to young children – for example an attack by a vicious dog will often cause severe scarring and psychological damage, and a fall or a kick from a horse can frequently result in serious injury. Farm animals, such as bulls and cattle, can also cause serious injury.

Strict liability under the Animals Act

Owners and keepers of animals can sometimes be “strictly” liable for the damage they cause – i.e. regardless of blame – particularly if the animal has a history of such behaviour, or the abnormal characteristics are well known.

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Few firms can match the level of qualification and experience available at Paul Davis & Co. The department is led by Paul Davis, a dually qualified solicitor and barrister, and a Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Paul has specialised in personal injury claims since 1975 and so you may rest assured that you are in safe hands with us.

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Most claims can be funded by a “no win no fee” agreement with legal expenses insurance, so you needn’t worry about incurring expense if the claim is unsuccessful.

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