Nottingham Dermatitis Solicitors

Have you suffered a skin rash as a result of exposure to a substance at work?

If so you may be suffering from industrial dermatitis (sometimes called eczema) and be entitled to compensation.

Exposure to irritants, such as acids, alkalis, resins, glues, solvents and certain detergents, can result in skin problems such as redness, itching, cracking and bleeding. Problems can also occur due to exposure to other allergens such as chrome, nickel, fragrances, rubber and latex. The symptoms can sometimes be very serious, widespread and debilitating.

The duty to protect employees from hazardous substances is very strict. Employers must:
– Carry out risk assessments
– Prevent or control exposure
– Provide protective equipment, barrier creams and washing facilities
– Provide warnings, information and training
– Carry out health surveillance checks
– We will tell you whether you have a claim.
– Contact us without delay as strict time limits apply.

No win no fee

Most claims can be funded at by a “no win no fee” agreement with legal expenses insurance, so you needn’t worry about incurring expense if the claim is unsuccessful.

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